You Shouldn't Miss Five Things in Winter

Fashion won't fail to season. In autumn and winter, we say No to common and plain. How to pair up to make us outstanding from the cold and gray season? How can we not limited by the season? We can follow some celebrities' examples. Then we can learn that the stylish things in this season, such as tweed coat, chammy short boots, colorful trousers, furriery coat and sweater and so on... Grab the impulse of fashion and say no to common.

Tweed Coat
Tweed coat has been in for a long time. It has been a classical style and type. Now we all remember it. Pairing up with slim pants or short skirt will give you a slim figure.

Celebrity Example: Sophia Bush

Colorful Pencil Trousers/Leggings
Polka dot knitting coat is cute and lovely. When it is with a colorful pencil trousers, it can show off your character. In this season, you really need them.

Celebrity Example: Taylor Swift

Furriery Coat
Furriery coat is always the most popualr thing in autumn and winter. It can keep warm, at the same time, it is also modern. It is inevitable to girls. When it is with
one-piece dress or slim pants, it will be the best choice.

Celebrity Example: Nicky Hilton

Knitting Sweater
Knitting sweater is also stunning which can keep warm. That's why most people choose it. The loose sweater with a slim pants is the best choice.

Celebrity Example: Olivia Palermo

Chammy Short Boots
Short boots is an invitable in autumn and winter. It is easy to pair up. No matter it is with the skirts or pants, it will have a different feeling. It suits all girls.

Celebrity Example: January Jones


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