Golden Globe Awards-We're Shocked and We're Surprised

The 70th Golden Globe Awards was held in January 13. Each time, in the red carpet, the actresses always wear the dresses. But among the dresses, some will shock us, also some will surprise us.

Those shocked us at 70th Golden Globe Awards

1. Debra Messing
   We can see that this Donna Karan 2013 dress is from slim to plump.

2. Halle Berry
   Versace dresses has a free style. It is a pity that on the red carpet, there   is no wind.

3. Olivia Munn
   Oliva Munn added a very common handbag. And most of all, she wore that necklace which decrease the whole feeling.

4. Zooey Deschenal
   Zoey Deschenal is cute and lovely style. But this red dress is a little to luxurious to her.

Those surprised us at 70th Golden Globe Awards

 1. Julianne Hough

2. Lucy Liu 

3. Nicole Kidman

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