Pucci Designed Best 2013 Red Carpet Dresses for Rita Ora

The deigner of Emilio Pucci not only strengthened the impression of brand printing, but also made the brand cooperated with stars and celebrities. The singer Rita Ora will must attend many red carpets. So this serie named "The Radioactive Tour" of red carpet dresses was designed specially for Rita Ora. The style of uniform and luxurious high waist make us so expect the appearance of Rita Ora in 2013 red carpet.


Fashion Icon in Winter-Cold Weather

Time flies away! January will leaving soon. Nowadays it is at the end of winter and the beginning of spring. But it is still a little cold. How to be outstanding in the cold weather? Join the fashionable people!

Queen Style

Cute Style

Modern Style

Fashion Style
Gentleman Style


Attractive Printing Style

The vintage style is still so hot nowadays, that surprised us much. After years in the trend, it will be popular in the future. And more and more fashionable people join the vintage trend. In the early spring, pringting is leading the role. From the short skirt to one-piece dress and from vest to pants, printing is everywhere.

1. Redesigned Printing

2. Modern Printing

3. Modern Printing

4. Vintage Printing

5. Alien Printing


Throw out the dark colors, embrace bright colors!

In the fall and winter seasons, we all tend to choosing dark colors coats. So we all feel that fall and winter are a little heavy and depressed. But just because of this, when the spring is coming, we all expect it with many imaginations. So since we are eager for spring's warm sunlight, don't we need to wear spring clothes? It is very easy, a bright color clothes is enough. Accidentally, you will be the brillant point in the spring time. Let's use color to make up ourseleves in fresh spring.

1. Bright-colored Coat

2.Eye-catching Painting Trousers

3. Charming Painting Shirt

 4. Sweet Stripe Sweater

5. Attractive Color Skirt


Surprise: Liebster Award!

Thank you for Maria who nominated me to the Liebster Award!

I just know that the Liebster award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

All you have to do is:

Tell 11 things about yourself.

Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger asked you.

Ask 11 questions to the bloggers you will nominate.

Nominate 11 new bloggers.

Make sure you notify the bloggers you nominate.

So here are 11 things about myself.
1. I wear contacts during the daytime.
2. I love Adam Lambert!
3. I follow The Lying Game and Pretty Little Liars recently.
4. I like travelling alone.
5. I want to learn Chinese.
6. I like write stories after listening to a song.
7. I cannot sing very well.
8. Reading is my favorite.
9. I like fashion.
10.I love dimples.
11.I love horror movies.

My answers on Maria's questions:

1. Who is you favourite designer?
   Vera Wang
2. Brand name - is it impostant for you?
3. Have you ever visited fashion shows?
   NO. :(
4. What is your passion?
5. What is your Favorite movie?
6. Who is your favourite model? 
   CoCo Rocha
7. How would you describe your style?
   Simple and clear
8. Do you enjoy shopping?
9. What shopping places would you recomend to your readers?
   Online shops.
10.Why you wanna be a blogger?
   Share my ideas with others.
11.Do you want to make profit on your blog?
   I don't think of this question now. In the future, I am not sure.

11 questions for my nominees:

1. Do you love online shops?
2. What is your favorite color?
3. Do you love some celebrity?
4. What is your favorite country or city?
5. Do you love movie?
6. Have you watched opera?
7. When you feel sad, what will you do?
8. Are you satisfied with your current life?
9. What song are you listening recently?
10. Do you love fashion and shopping?
11. Do you love luxurious brands?

My lovely nominees are:

1. Gaby Robinson  fashiontipsofgaby.blogspot.com
2. Long Danforever remyou4ever.blogspot.com
3. Bettina Rose Malveda  herartisticsoul.blogspot.com
4. Christine Joy Rejas  sajerlily.blogspot.com
5. Jho R oliveneedspopeye.blogspot.com
6. Sarah C. sarahjsee.blogspot.com
7. Mie Nielsen artofmi3.blogspot.com
8. Wilda Khairani  wildakhaira.blogspot.com
9. Maddie Magpie modemadeleine.blogspot.com
10.Alexia Jade  beautybyalexiajade.blogspot.com
11.Penny Christ  fairydressesworld.blogspot.com


Taylor Swift’s Various Different Hairstyles

American country music singer Taylor Swift alwayss has her own fashion feeling. Her hairstyle is also very special and impressive. Fringe bangs give us a sweet and cute feeling. It is hard for us to connect it to capable, graceful and sexy. But Taylor succeeds in doing it. Here are Taylor Swift's great hairstyles of fring bangs.

1. Simple and capable style
2. Classic and Elegant Style
3. Vintage Style
4. Graceful Style
5. Fashionable Style
6. Country Style


Golden Globe Awards-We're Shocked and We're Surprised

The 70th Golden Globe Awards was held in January 13. Each time, in the red carpet, the actresses always wear the dresses. But among the dresses, some will shock us, also some will surprise us.

Those shocked us at 70th Golden Globe Awards

1. Debra Messing
   We can see that this Donna Karan 2013 dress is from slim to plump.

2. Halle Berry
   Versace dresses has a free style. It is a pity that on the red carpet, there   is no wind.

3. Olivia Munn
   Oliva Munn added a very common handbag. And most of all, she wore that necklace which decrease the whole feeling.

4. Zooey Deschenal
   Zoey Deschenal is cute and lovely style. But this red dress is a little to luxurious to her.

Those surprised us at 70th Golden Globe Awards

 1. Julianne Hough

2. Lucy Liu 

3. Nicole Kidman